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Today, countless media headlines zoom in on what celebrities are wearing, floods of Instagram comments ask the same questions on where to buy the same gorgeous fashion pieces, many discussions take place between friends on where that amazing dress is from.

And yet, we’re still using the outdated method of guessing at fashion items with keywords on e-commerce sites?

The Challenge

To explore this issue, we at ViSenze developed “The Dress Challenge” to pit consumers’ keyword searching skills to our visual search technology.

Visitors are challenged to find the digital representation of a physical item in the online shop that it was bought from. Who (or which) can find the it in the fastest time possible? And by how much?

The result

keyword search is furtile and takes too long

On average, they lost their patience after 1 min and 30 seconds and abandoned the search quest altogether without any results in 96.6% of the cases*.

visual search is fast and accurate

The triumphant 3.4% that did manage to locate the dress in the online store were well-versed shopaholics, and yet they still required 4 - 6 mins to search for it within a database of less than 500K products.

Our most astonishing discovery was that visual search managed to beat keywords search by 1/9th of the time spent searching!

*The experiment was run by ViSenze on 149 tech-savvy men and women from various various countries, 18 years old and above, at NRF 2019 in New York.

The winner - visual search technology

When introduced to the alternative way of searching using visual technology, people were blown out of the water with its speed and accuracy!

The inconveniences of randomly guessing at keywords were eliminated completely.

The only effort required was for someone to take a photo of the dress, crop it, click “Search”, and receive results for the exact same item on the e-commerce shop - all in less than 5 seconds.

People were hugely enthusiastic to learn about such a technology with an easy application - that would allow their online searches to be more fruitful and efficient.

The rising tide of visual search technology

As long as an item is in the platform’s database, it can be found easily via visual search in a matter of seconds.

With a shortage of advanced visual technology to date, people have gotten used to looking at a product in the physical realm and trying to find the words to describe it so as to find more information about it in the digital realm.

But that is not a natural behaviour.

Now we have visual search readily at our fingertips, we can wave goodbye to keywords search in a world dominated by visual content. Visual search is here to stop us from wasting our time and effort.

Oliver Tan
CEO of ViSenze

Early innovators in the e-commerce industry have already applied visual search technology to their image databases, to improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

In a world dominated by visual content, the proliferation of visual technology will take place among businesses and the masses sooner than you think.

Experience search without keywords.

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