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How It Works

visenze visual search api logo

Image of product sent to ViSenze API

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ViSenze API analyzes the contents of the image

visenze visual search api logo2

Surface visually similar products from hundreds of stores

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Deliver similar results based on info received from ViSenze

Surface intelligent product recommendations
that are aligned with what shoppers are
inspired to buy

visual similar recommendations you may also like visenze

Original product that shopper is currently browsing

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Surface intelligent product recommendations that are visually aligned with your audience

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Personalize the shopping experience

Take recommendations beyond price and historic consumer behavior by integrating visual similarity

image search and recommendations

Out of Stock Alternatives

Convert dead ends into conversions. Recommend visually similar products when shoppers are looking at one that’s out of stock

Conversions and Engagement

ViSenze customers have seen 50% higher click through rate for shoppers who are provided Visually Similar Product Recommendation and up to 5x higher conversion rate for shoppers who click on Visually Similar Product Recommendations

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Why leading brands trust ViSenze





Customer Stories


Uniqlo uses ViSenze's Search by Image to enable shoppers to take a photo of an item in store and search online.

This eliminates ineffective and time consuming keyword guessing attempts during the product search and discovery process on uniqlo.co.jp. Instead, shoppers can now just take a photo of an item they see on the aisle, and look for matching items in UNIQLO’s online and offline stores.

Rakuten implemented the Search by Image solution from Visenze to enable users with better product discoverability. By introducing the new capability on its site, the company gave its mobile users the ability to use images or screenshots of products, instead of text, to search for visually similar products. In addition to search and discoverability, Rakuten also enhanced its recommendation engine by enabling the option to narrow down search by enabling search by color.

PatSnap is used by R&D, IP and business intelligence teams to search and analyze documents—including 120+ million patents—containing data on how companies worldwide are innovating.

Unlike online commerce, PatSnap uses ViSenze solutions to help power a unique online experience for its customers, helping them search and analyze intellectual property assets to power research and development.

Caratlane is one of India’s leading online jewellery stores and uses ViSenze Visually Similar Product Recommendations to power Find Similar recommendations on its website. Consumers can explore similar products to the one they are looking at as these recommended products are shown automatically on every product page, allowing easy browsing and navigation to help shoppers narrow down their choices and complete the purchase.

Zalora, one of the fastest growing fashion retailers in Asia, uses Visually Similar Product Recommendations and Search by Image to help shoppers effectively discover more than 200,000 items on their site.

The use of Artificial Intelligence powered image recognition helped Zalora improve user experience and engagement on their website and mobile app.

Hipvan is Singapore's favorite online furniture mall for stylish designs, quality products at honest prices.

By implementing Search By Image from ViSenze Hipvan saw an increase of 121% in engagement rate for shoppers who used the new functionality. In addition, shoppers who searched using an image were 2.7x more likely to convert. Hipvan was also able to improve marketing ROI as they reduced cost per impression by 32% by advertising the new app functionality