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Computer Vision powered image recognition for high accuracy and reliability

Deep learning algorithms for computer vision applications

As pioneers, we implemented deep learning for visual search in the retail sector since 2012, and expanded its use to new applications over time.

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Deep learning and Computer Vision

Inspired by how humans see the world. Designed to use minimal pre-processing.

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Continuous Training

High quality training data for continuous improvement in recognition models and accuracy

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Monitoring and Reporting

Dashboard to measure performance metrics and impact

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Domain Models

Advance models and algorithims developed specifically for online retail

Our R&D and Engineering team background

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Spin-off from NExT

NExT is the leading research center in the area of multimedia analysis and search established by National University of Singapore, ranked 22nd in the world, and Tsinghua University, ranked 47th in the world.

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our team

Our research and engineering team consists of leading computer scientists and engineers experienced in computer vision and machine learning. Guangda Li, our CTO, was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one the Top Innovators Under 35.

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Industry publications

Our scientists have published their research papers in deep learning and computer vision journals.

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