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Finding the work-life balance sweet spot: Tips for remote working

Posted by Jasmine Phua 23-April-2020

Jasmine Phua, our Global HR Director shares some observations on the challenges of remote working and some tips on how we might demarcate work and personal within our physical and mental spaces. 

AI In E-Commerce -- Predictions For 2018

Posted by Oliver Tan 05-February-2018

2017 welcomed big developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For example, companies like Pinterest, Google and Bing launched visual search capabilities, Amazon invested heavily in voice-activated systems like Echo and Facebook leveraged AI to detect mental illness.

Festival Fashion: Retail’s Greatest Opportunity and How to Tap Into It

Posted by Oliver Tan 31-August-2017

Throughout history, music festivals have driven social and cultural revolutions. Events like Woodstock promoted “peace and music” in a time of political unrest and others like Live Aid drew attention to humanitarian crises on a global scale. And though some of today’s festivals tout worthwhile causes to their lineups, something far different is drawing people into their venues today - fashion.

Ladies, break the gender stereotype in software engineering!

Posted by ViSenze 13-June-2016

This article written by the ViSenze team originally appeared on e27.

The figures are clear and disconcerting

A study was done in 2014 based on LinkedIn data to see what percentage of women work in software engineering across industries. Whatever industry you look at, the number of female engineers is bleak.

Google Cloud Vision API and its impact on the image recognition industry - an interview with Guangda Li, Co-founder & CTO at ViSenze

Posted by ViSenze 08-December-2015

This article features an interview with our Co-Founder & CTO that was originally published on Kaptur Magazine on 4th Dec 2015. 

Google has recently launched its Cloud Vision API, making it easier for companies to build all sorts of applications using its image recognition. Even more, Google is offering it for free to begin with. This puts the whole image recognition industry into a different

Making images shoppable with visual search

Posted by Oliver Tan 26-November-2015

This article written by Oliver Tan, Co-Founder and CEO at ViSenze, was originally published on CampaignAsia on 13th November 2015.  The world of “Buyable Pins” and “Shop Now” buttons just got more exciting this week with social discovery engine, Pinterest, announcing their new “crazy-fun” visual search.

Years after visual search was implemented in ecommerce, this visual commerce feature

The visual web is here - what’s next?

Posted by ViSenze 01-September-2015

There is no denying it - the web is becoming increasingly visual at an exponential rate. In terms of generating and consuming visual content, the numbers are staggering. One thing is clear: People have grown tired of text and the visual web is here to stay. If the world is starting to wave goodbye to an era of text-focused websites and content, how then, is it responding to this recent

Has deep learning come to a dead end?

Posted by ViSenze 28-August-2015

Deep learning and its small window of innovation

Just a number of weeks ago, Li Deng, a lead deep learning expert at Microsoft Research, expressedhis views on the narrowing innovation gap with regards to deep learning.

Deng is very confident that the low-hanging fruit for progress in deep neural networks has been picked and that for the next couple of years, refinement of neural networks and

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