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Training machines to see and understand eyewear for the first time

Posted by ViSenze 26-September-2016

Product discovery using keyword search is less than efficient, to say the least. People are often unable to find what they like because they do not know the specific keywords to search for these products, or, at times, products are not tagged accurately enough to match keywords. Shoppers need a visual-driven search and discovery experience to find the items they’d like to buy with just images,

How social discovery can power e-commerce sales

Posted by ViSenze 20-May-2016

It's no news that referrals from social media sites is one of the most crucial channels for online sales. According to a recently published Business Insider Intelligence report, the number of e-commerce referrals through social media was recorded at almost 200% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. Internet Retailer in its 2015 Social Media 500 report also said that

Content driven commerce: What consumers really want

Posted by ViSenze 19-May-2016

In the past, people sought e-commerce companies whenever they wanted to buy things online. Today, it’s the e-commerce companies themselves who reach out to customers. Traditional marketing channels such as TV commercials, radio advertisements, telemarketing, email blasts and cold calling are not as effective as they were before, and so organizations are looking at new ways to attract shoppers. 

3 Ways conversational commerce is affecting the way we sell

Posted by ViSenze 18-May-2016

Chat and messaging apps have already surpassed social media in terms of monthly active users. According to a report by Business Insider Intelligence, the number of chat and messaging app users was recorded at around 2.9 billion in the third quarter of 2015, compared to social media’s 2.4 billion during the same period.

Why hyper-personalization is no longer an e-commerce fantasy

Posted by ViSenze 03-May-2016

Reaching audiences and getting information from them used to be a slow, inefficient and inaccurate process for e-commerce businesses. As the industry evolved along with advancements in the social media scene, companies were able to start a personalized approach to selling their products- right down to sneding out specific messages to specific market segments.  

And as tech innovations and

5 Great social commerce sites you can learn from

Posted by ViSenze 12-April-2016

Social commerce is a new, expanding strategy for e-commerce sites - and it’s only gaining ground. First coined in 2005 by Yahoo as a way to measure product interest and metrics from their customer base, social commerce has evolved to a more defined set of characteristics over the years. But what exactly is it?

Swipers and Searchers: How to optimize your mobile e-commerce platform for both

Posted by ViSenze 07-March-2016

Statistics portal Statista predicts that the mobile retail commerce sales will hit 31 billion dollars by 2017, from 8 billion in 2012. With more consumers looking to their mobile devices for browsing and purchasing products online, the mobile e-commerce market is fast becoming a necessary way to push your products online. But who exactly are your mobile e-commerce audience? 

Computer Vision for e-commerce: Build or buy?

Posted by ViSenze 03-March-2016

As visual technology gains more mainstream attention in the e-commerce market, more and more companies are thinking of implementing this technology on their platforms. Following hot on the heels of this trend comes the important question - Should you develop the technology yourself, or buy a plug-and-play solution from a visual tech provider? You have probably thought about this and came up

How social media "Buy" buttons are changing e-commerce

Posted by ViSenze 22-February-2016

Buy buttons on social media platforms are rapidly becoming more commonplace -  in fact, they just might be the future of e-commerce shopping. With users spending about 1.72 hours a day on social media (accounting for 28% of online activity), social media as an avenue for e-commerce is looking more and more likely as companies scramble to stabilize their conversion rates. 

Within the past two

Offline, online, and back again: Why the future of e-commerce lies in brick and mortar

Posted by ViSenze 19-February-2016

More e-commerce businesses have been setting up physical locations aside their online hubs to cater to an ever-changing market, realizing that despite the flexibility and wide platform found on the internet, the physical realm of retail still holds considerable power. Online giants such as Amazon and Google have already set up brick-and-mortar stores to sell their wares, preview their latest

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