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How Matahari Mall embraced AI in face of changing consumer behaviour

Posted by ViSenze 27-August-2018

PwC’s 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey revealed that, when it comes to finding inspiration, social media has become the biggest source for new-age consumers, with 37% turning to social networks, and an additional 20% turning to visual social networks. A key player in this trend, Indonesia is becoming the social media capital of the world: in a survey by GlobalWebIndex on social media usage in Asia, Indonesia topped the list of countries, which included Singapore, South Korea, China, and Australia, with a substantial 79.72% of its internet users being active on social networks. Rebecca Rompas, Senior Product - Growth of MatahariMall - a long-term partner of ViSenze and one of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce marketplaces, shares her thoughts on staying ahead with computer vision solutions.

Matahari Mall App using shop a look

What were the challenges that you faced before using computer vision solutions?

MatahariMall as a company shifted last year from only being an e-commerce marketplace to also a fashion house. As a result, we paid more attention to and examined the consumption habits of young women, our target audience. We conducted internal research through focus group discussions and found that most young women in the sample often looked for clothing inspiration online from various media outlets. More and more people in Indonesia are now using social media avidly and we see that translating into a wider market phenomenon of people developing a stronger tendency to look for fashion online, so we needed to adapt ourselves to this new consumer behaviour.

What motivated you to implement computer vision solutions?

Companies have limited resources and energy. Computer vision, and the automation within, reduces the cost of manual labor that is needed to sort through each of the products for features like Visually Similar Product Recommendations; it really allows us to become more efficient.

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What was your decision-making process in choosing which solutions to implement?

We implemented Shop The Look and Visually Similar Product Recommendations, two solutions that complement each other well and aptly cater to the current interests of inspiration-hungry shoppers. Shop The Look allows customers to purchase directly from their images of inspiration, whereas Recommendations expand upon the selection of products that they can choose from and drive overall engagement, since when you recommend another product, customers will look at all available products more, which will give them more options for purchase and that will in turn motivate them to delve deeper into the website as a whole. These solutions help us better accommodate customers’ rapidly changing expectations and allow us to foster a stronger connection with our users.

Shop the look, visual e-commerce platform

Why did you decide to partner with ViSenze and how has your experience with us been so far?

ViSenze really stood out to us because of its specialisation and expertise in fashion and apparel, which aligns with us very well. The team has been doing a great job, they are proactive, deliver fast responses, always giving their all in making sure the client achieves their goals and bringing the overall business performance to a new height. We are very satisfied with the process of working together. With ViSenze’s solutions, we have seen great results in Click-Through Rates: Visually Similar Product Recommendations alone has driven an increase of 27.3% in CTR. We look forward to exploring more solutions with ViSenze in the future.


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